Dallas Chiropractor Dr. Robert Rogers Discusses Benefits of Custom Orthotics Shoe Inserts

If your body is a house then your feet are the foundation. If you are heavy footed, or if your feet are misaligned, then it will shift your weight distribution to one side. This imbalance will cause a negative effect on your body’s posture and the way you walk. Over time this can cause pain in your feet and throughout your body.

Custom orthortics help restore the arch of your foot and fix structural imbalances caused by flat foot or an uneven weight distribution. Putting custom orthorics or shoe inserts into your shoes will improve the way that you walk, run, and feel on an every day basis!

We sell custom orthotics from a company called Foot Levelers that are designed specifically for your feet. These shoe inserts are created using a 3D foot scanner at our office in Dallas and can be designed for running shoes, work shoes, or even high heels. Simply insert the custom orthotic into your shoes and you will instantly feel the difference!

If you are interested in learning more about custom orthotics, or if you would like to have a 3D scan completed, call my office at (214) 251-4154 or fill out an appointment request form online.