Dallas Chiropractor Dr. Robert Rogers Discusses Therapy Bays At His Practice

Dr. Rogers provides a wide range of chiropractic services including chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, sports chiropractic, cold laser therapy, muscle strengthening, and more.

Many of these chiropractic services take place in therapy bays.  Therapy bays consist of different tables, exercise machines, and equipment. The nature of a patient’s treatment plan determines which bed and/or equipment Dr. Rogers uses to perform chiropractic treatment for each patient. His choice of bed and equipment will allow him to focus on specific muscles.

In this video, Dr. Rogers showcases one of the therapy bays where he treats patients for spinal disk and other spine-related issues, headaches, neck pain, and sports injuries.

To book a chiropractic appointment, you can call his practice at 214-712-4149 or request an appointment online.