ENHANCE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE A comprehensive program targeting mobility, dexterity, recovery, muscle activation, and technique. OPTIMIZE OVERALL WELLNESS Increase function and dynamic movements, range of motion, reduce nerve irritability and improve overall function. DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Tailored to help you achieve your goals as a competitive athlete or active individual.

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Enhance Athletic Performance

My Athletic Performance Enhancement Program is a 3-week plan tailored toward increasing functional and dynamic movements for individuals looking to maximize personal performance and overall wellness. This program is not meant for pain management, rather performance management!

Athletes who participate in this program will see improvements in mobility, dexterity, recovery, muscle activation, and technique. This program is designed for competitive athletes at the amateur and even professional level, but can also be applied to active individuals who want to maximize efficiency in the gym to enhance their lifestyle.

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Program Specifics

The 3-week program includes 6 total visits comprised of an in-depth introductory consultation, chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, technique advancement, and detailed performance tracking using industry-leading technology. Athletes who participate in this program will see improvements in mobility, dexterity, recovery, muscle activation, and technique.

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Comprehensive Evaluation

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to indentify areas of improvement, establish a baseline, and track progress.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

You will receive 6 chiropractic adjustments to increase range of motion, reduce nerve irritability and improving overall function.

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Technique Advancement

We will develop a series of technique advancement drill to increase functional and dynamic movements

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Performance Tracking

Performance will be tracked and reported on a weekly basis using industry-leading performance assessment software.

Kinetisense 3D Movement Assessment

Our chiropractic clinic is a licensed provider of Kinetisense 3D Functional Movement Assessment software the world leader in motion capture, and the first full-body assessment system that systematically measures joint by joint.

Kinetisense gathers information from the front, side, and overhead views with a single camera. It is a “markerless” and non-invasive assessment tool that helps to identify injury and track progress in real-time.

Individuals who utilize Kinetisense see improvements in athletic performance, functional movements, technique, posture and gait, and rehab progression. It can also assist in identifying the root cause of pain and provide practitioners with a clear path to recovery.

Program Testimonials

  • "Dr. Rogers blew my expectations out of the water with his Athletic Enhancement Program. I saw drastic improvements in mobility which has always been a weakness for me. His use of technology, specifically Kinetisense, helped point out areas that needed improvement and allowed us to track my progress throughout the program. This investment is well worth the money if you're an athlete or just trying to stay at the top of your game!"


      James H., Bodybuilder

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