Work Related Injuries


A work injury is any injury obtained while on the job. Examples include sitting in a chair with poor support, poor posture, moving in the same ways repeatedly and other ergonomic issues. These can have damaging impacts on the soft tissues of the neck, back and other areas of the body if not treated properly. Some common work related injuries include tendinitis, carpal tunnel, headaches, neck sprains, strains, and joint dysfunction.

Common Treatment

Chiropractic care is proven to save you money and get you back to health faster than other form of treatment. Our style of treatment aids in managing and correcting common work related injuries with the goal of improving your health and preventing future missed work.


Chiropractic treatment for work related injuries is a cost effective and efficient solution to treating and preventing injuries and pain from workplace conditions. A chiropractic treatment plan will help get you back to work quicker and curb further injury or pain.

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